Herbal medicine

Buy, make and grow your own herbal remedies. Perhaps you want to treat a certain ailment or you are looking for a way to reduce the amount of chemicals you use. There are many reasons people decide to try herbal medicine whether you want to use a single Remedy or stack your medicine cabinet with Herbal remedies. There are few important steps one needed to get started. First decide what you want to treat. You want to begin slowly so that you’re not overwhelmed. Keep in mind you should only use one remedy at a time to not introduce too many things all at once.

Buying herbal medicine…..

There are many types of herbal medicines. For example, there are dried herbs, fresh herbs, syrups, and tinctures. Buying herbal medicine components pre-made is fast and easy depending upon your location in the shopping options available such as health stores. The best commercially prepared herbal medicines are usually those containing standardized extracts. Standardization is simply the manufacturers promise to Consumers that the levels of active herbal ingredients are kept the same from one batch of product to the next, it is supposed to be consistent. When purchasing essential oils for medicinal purposes look for those that have been gas- chromatograph or infrared spectroscopy verified. This ensures you are buying pure essential oils where other than cheap knock-offs. Many times essential oils are often cut with cheap solvents or carrier oils. Learn as much as you can before making a decision to try a new remedy especially if it’s for a serious medical condition. Look for medicines offered by trusted manufacturers. Purchase organic products whenever possible. Make sure you check the expiration dates and the ingredients. If you have a choice between a large quantity and a small quantity always choose the smaller one until you know more about it. Store your medicine in a tightly sealed dark container and in a dark cool place.

Making herbal medicine…

Making herbal medicine is no different then making Foods by following recipes. There are many different types of herbal medicines you can make at home by using just a few basic ingredients. For example,  teas, tinctures, poultices and so on. Making medicines for yourself and your family is satisfying and cost-effective. If you are able to even grow some of your own herbs it can be a physical and emotional rewarding process. Before you begin a recipe make sure you have everything you need including all of your ingredients, your tools, your containers for storing the remedies that you make. Do not take any shortcuts or use any substitutions in your recipes make sure you follow them exactly. Do not skimp on the container. Make sure it is glass and dark colored. Always read your instructions before beginning a new recipe. If there’s anything unfamiliar to you make sure you know the answers before you begin. Make sure you label all of your remedies.

Growing herbal medicine…

Growing your own herbs for use in herbal medicine is simple and it doesn’t require a ton of space. You just need to make sure that you use good soil,  that your plants are properly watered and that they have adequate light and fertilizer. Each may be different based on what they need for that specific plant. By growing your own medicinal herbs you can save a ton of money. You can grow things on a small scale or a large-scale. You can grow things from insect repellent all the way up to ingredients that you can use to make complete medicines. Some plants however can be very tricky to grow. Make sure you do proper research on specific plants so you know how much space it needs, what type of nutrients it needs, what type of light it needs, and all of the necessary things to be successful at growing your herb.