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Hello and welcome to Cure This Body

Here you will find a variety of informationabout health and nutrition. They will also be recipes for making your own herbal medicine, and recipes for just plain good nutrition. You will find resources to help you make your own choices as to which is the best route for you.

With many ailments, it takes a variety of treatments for the best possible results. I will share with you things I have learned along my journey to become healthier and cure illnesses that not many doctors even know about.

I am a woman in my forties, mother of two, who has been through some very difficult health challenges. I have visited most every type of doctor, explored alternative options, and learned to become my own patient advocate. My primary Hobby over the last 20 years has been nutritional research. I do honestly believe that most all diseases and ailments can be treated with proper nutrition . I have learned a great deal from Reading various books attending various seminars and drilling multiple Physicians. Most Physicians get irritated by me because I ask a lot of questions. I have found that doctors don’t http://best-buy-store.org like to be a asked too many questions simply because many times they don’t have any answers.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to ask me anything. I will always do my best to give you an educated honest answer. Although I’m no expert, I do like to learn and share my knowledge. Please feel free to email me at jeanmurdick@ymail.com.